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2016 Four Step Lawn Care Program
Step One: Early Spring Weed and Feed: Controls crabgrass before it germinates and early green up of turf.
Date of Application: March 1st-May 15th or prior to weed germination. Weather conditions determine exact date of crabgrass germination.
Fertilizer Analysis: 18-0-0 25% ACU XCU .10% dithiopyr Dimension
Coverage: 50 lb bag treats 12,500 square feet

Step Two A: Spring Grub and Fertilizer Option: Preventative grub control with fertilizer application.
Date of Application: May 15th-July 15th
Fertilizer Analysis: 21-0-8 50% XCU 0.2% Merit, imidacloprid
Coverage: 50 lb bag treats 14,300 square feet

Step Two B: Broadleaf Weed and Feed Option: Controls dandelions and other broadleaf weeds with second fertilizer application.
Dates of Application: May 15th-June 15th
Fertilizer Analysis: 23-0-6 25% XSU .82% Trimec (2, 4-D, dicamba, mecopro)
Coverage: 50lb bag treats 15,000 square feet

Step Three: Fertilization in Summer: Fertilize with nitrogen and potassium.
Dates of Application: July 15th-August 15th
Fertilizer Analysis: 30-3-10 40% Poly STU 1%Fe
Coverage: 50 lb bag treats 12,000 square feet

Step Four: Fall Feed:
Fertilize with nitrogen and potassium
Dates of Application: September 1st-December 15th
Fertilizer Analysis: 24-0-5 1.2 MG
Coverage: 50 lb bag treats 12,500 square feet

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