Sprayers and Spreaders

At All Outdoors, we proudly sell Shindaiwa sprayers and spreaders.

Shindaiwa sprayers include lightweight tanks , comfort grip handles, heavy duty tubes, and 30 inch wands. We currently sell the SP30BPE and the SP45BPE models, which have 3 gallon and 4.5 gallon capacities respectively.

Shindaiwa SP45BPE Sprayer


Spreaders: Shindaiwa spreaders are engineered for tough applications and are built to last. They feature large rubber tires for effortless movement over all types of surfaces and rotary agitators to stir material. We sell the RS76 and the RS76S models. The RS76 features an epoxy-powder coated frame to fight corrosion and the RS76S features a stainless steel frame to withstand the harshest environments and to last a long time.
Shindaiwa RS76S Spreader

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