We carry seed by the bag and by the truckload.

We have several types of seed, and we have the expertise to sell you the correct seed for your site. Sold in 50 pound bags. Sun & Shade, Super Shade, Rye, Endophytic Grasses (for insect resistance) We stock a large selection of grasses under $2 a pound.    The majority of northern lawns are a combination of Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues.   KBG will form the nicest lawn, but it has very low shade tolerance, Ryegrass can tolerate heavy foot traffic, but does not tolerate extreme cold or drought conditions. Fescues  (tall and chewings) have good tolerance of shade, foot traffic, cold and drought.  A combination of the 3 types is optimal for most home lawns in Rhode Island.

Kentucky Bluegrass                        Ryegrass                                Fescue

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