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Which is your favorite Husky? Stihl? or Echo?  Let is know!

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Customer Stories

“My favorite saw is my Stihl 028 wood boss.  It is my favorite saw because I got it from someone’s garbage.  They were throwing out a bunch of old stuff and left it all by the curb.  It was in the top of their garbage pail.  The saw was filthy, covered in grease and sawdust so I cleaned it up and put in some fresh fuel and oil. It is an old saw but cleaned up nice.  I put in a new spark plug, adjusted the carburetor and it runs pretty good now. And I was actually on my way to your store on the day I found it.” ~GF

 “My father, brother, and I went in together on a Husqvarna 455 Rancher.  I haven’t had the pleasure of using a Husky, Stihl, or Echo but I can tell you the Husqvarna is a beast.  I had five major oak trees taken down in the back yard and then I cut them up in small enough pieces to split.  This monster chewed through them with relative ease.  It is a perfect family chainsaw.  ” ~JM



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