Helpful Hints

Problem Check Our Advice
Will Not Start No Fuel in tank
Shut-off valve not open
Plugged fuel line
Stuck float
Choke not working
Carb. not pumping gas
Fill tank
Open valve
Unplug line
Overhaul carb.
Repair choke
Replace Diaphragm
No Spark Fouled spark plug
Plug gap wrong
Sheared flywheel key
Bad points & condenser
Shorted coil
Coil gap wrong
Shorted shutdown switch
Shorted shutdown wire
Replace or clean plug
Gap plug .030
Replace key
Replace points & condenser
Replace coil
Reset gap .010
Repair switch
Replace wire
No Compression Head gasket leaking
Valves stuck or burnt
Valve seats loose
Cylinder or piston damage
Rings worn out
Broken rod
Replace head gasket
Clean and free up valves
Replace valve seats
Replace damaged parts
Replace rings
Install new rod
No Power Engine smokes
Burning Oil(Grey-Blue Smoke)
Fuel Mixture to rich(Black Smoke)
Plugged air filter
Replace rings or valve seals
Adjust out carb.
Clean or replace air filter
Fuel Mixture too Lean Wrong carb adjustment
Intake manifold gasket leak
Gas cap plugged
Adjust carb.
Tighten manifold screws, replace gasket
Clean or replace cap
Partial Miss Weak spark Lean fuel mixture See the No Spark section The starting point, on most small engines, to set the carb. screws is to close them and then open 1.5 turns out. At this setting the engine should run enough you can finish setting it from there.
Engine Overheats Dirty engine
Oil level low
Engine overload
Missing shrouds or fins
Lean fuel mixture
Wash or clean engine
Add oil
Sharpen blade
Replace parts
See fuel mixture section

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