Spring, Summer, Winter, & Fall Specials

All Outdoors Power Equipment is a store for all four seasons.  Spring, Summer, Winter, &  Fall you will find new items at our store.   In this section we will keep you alerted to seasonal tasks you should accomplish in your landscape to create beautiful lawns and landscapes.


Phenology is the study of the timing of life cycle events in plants and animals. In other words, studying the environment to figure out how animals know when it is time to hibernate, and what ‘calendar’ or ‘clock’ plants use to begin flowering, leafing or reproducing.

Phenology is literally “the science of appearance.”  Scientists who study phenology – phenologists — are interested in the timing of specific biological events (such as flowering, migration, and reproduction) in relation to changes in season and climate. One example is watching for forsythia bloom in the Spring.  When these are in bloom it is time to apply your pre-emergent Crab Grass Control products.  All Outdoors has this in stock and can help you determine what is needed at your site.



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