Spring is the time of preparation.Be Ready!

Here is a check list of things to do in the Spring:

1. Prepare for spring rains with flood supplies: Water Pumps, Wet Vacs, Generators

2. Tune up your power equipment: Beat the spring rush have equipment serviced by March 20th

3. Purchase your equipment now while supplies are available.  trimmers, edgers, mowers and specialty equipment

4. Ready gas tanks with fuel stabilizer.  We offer stabilizer at the All Outdoors Power Showroom.  Gas that you put in your car now contains ethanol. Ethanol is corn, which is a plant that decomposes in your gas causing damage to small engines like lawnmowers and small hand power tools.   Your car can handle ethanol but your mower cannot.  **** Stabilizer will slow the break down of the corn oil , or purchase ethanol free fuel at our shop.

5. Apply Pre-emergent crabgrass control products with fertilizer.  Timing of pre-emergents are based on phenology, so we watch for forsythia bloom to know when to start control. The first sign of crabgrass emergent is time to apply these products.

6. Call Narragansett Pest Control to schedule a tick and mosquito treatment or just to prevent Carpenter ants from entering the home. The best in Rhode Island.   401-783-3933

How can we power you up today?