Leaf Equipment

When fall rolls around, everyone admires the beautiful New England foliage. But when the leaves start to fall, they litter our lawns and gardens. All Outdoors sells a wide range of leaf blowers and truck loaders to help you keep your yard leaf free.

Hand-Held Blowers
Hand-held blowers are used to blow leaves into piles. They are popular for use in homes with smaller yards because they are portable, convenient, and generally more inexpensive than other blowers.
We sell: Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Shindaiwa

Echo PB-250 Handheld Blower

Backpack Blowers
On backpack blowers, the blower fits in a harness that the user wears on his or her back, attached to a hose. They are a good choice for users with larger yards, due to their ability to be easily carried.
We sell: Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Shindaiwa

Shindaiwa EB802 Backpack Blower

Push Blowers
Push blowers are operated similarly to push lawn mowers in that the operator pushes the blower around the area in order to move the leaves. They are chosen for their ease of use and high production rate, especially by those who need to clear large areas. They are excellent for clearing wet or deep leaves.
We sell: Little Wonder, Billy Goat

Little Wonder Sho Blower

Self-Propelled Blowers
Like self-propelled lawn mowers, self-propelled blowers have motors that move the blower forwards and the operator walks behind the blower to guide it.
We sell: Billy goat

Billy Goat Force 2 Blower

Riding Blowers
Hurricane makes the only stand on riding blo-vac available and we sell it!
We sell: Hurricane

Hurricane Stand On Riding Blo-Vac

Leaf Loaders
Leaf loaders allow the user to load leaf piles into a truck or trailer for easy transportation. They are most commonly chosen by professional landscapers for their convenience in loading and transporting leaves.
We sell: Little Wonder, Billygoat

14 HP Little Wonder Truck Loader

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