Chain Saws

Husqvarna vs. Stihl

The worlds top brands of chainsaws are  Husqvarna and Stihl. All other brands of saws do not equal 10% of the worlds market. That is why we sell only these two brands.  There are over 50 different models to choose from because there is not one saw that fits everyone usage.  Our job at All Outdoors Power Equipment is to fit the right saw to you and your usage category.   Chainsaws are designed for  three categories of chain saws: Homeowner, Midsize, and Pro. The sizes of chain saws affect how quickly the job can be completed, so the larger the saw is, the faster the job will get done. Saw power sizes are measured in cc, or cubic centimeters.


Homeowner Saws: Are ideal for use around the home and are designed for a variety of tasks such as cutting firewood or trimming trees. Homeowner saws are saws with under 40 cc of power.

Stihl MS 180 C Chain Saw




Midsize Saws: Can help you get bigger cutting jobs done in less time. They provide more power for tougher chores. They range in power from 40 cc to 70 cc.

           Pro Saws: Designed for those who frequently depend on their saws to complete large tasks that require more power. Pro saws come small, medium, and large sizes with a variety of power sizes.




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