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Save the Date Fleet Day @ All Outdoors!


Save the Date  ∴  Earth Day Open House ∴  April 22, 2015  

Earth Day 2015

Be an educated consumer.  Start researching now, compare the brands.  We know that you will find that Gravely is the cream of the crop.  In honor of Earth Day (and keeping our yard and gardens in check) we are having deep discount sales on this ONE DAY ONLY!

Are you thinking about starting a Landscaping Business?  Are you a current Landscaper who is unhappy with the performance of your current equipment? Or maybe you have a large parcel of land you want to maintain?  This is your chance to come on down to demo a Gravely, feel the difference and the quality of performance.  This is your opportunity to purchase a Gravely at a Fleet Discount, without buying a whole fleet!

Meeting Local needs

Time to Start Thinking Spring!!

Here in New England the snow is slowly melting and we can finally see patches of green.  Soon the warmth from the Spring air will get the life cycle moving again!

Now is the time to start thinking proactively about the season ahead.

  • Perhaps it is time for a tune-up on your mower? Get it ready now, before the “last minute” rush hits. Then when the grass starts growing you will be ready to go!
  • Maybe it is time for a new trimmer or blower? Now is the time to take advantage of our dealer promotions!

Be the early bird… Get the worm!



Breaking news our new Chain Sharpener has arrived from Germany..  



See the Franzen in Action By clicking here!


Tips from our mechanics: 

Storing Your Power Equipment for the Long-term
As the snow storms begin to end and the threat of power failures begin to subside, it is time to start thinking about the best way to store your power equipment so it is ready for use the next time you need it.

Educate yourself on the Gasoline Factor.  Remember, gas goes bad!  Bad gas is crippling to the functionality of your power equipment and can be costly to repair.  Remember to use stabilizer OR better yet try out ETHANOL FREE GAS and use it for your last tank and storage.

VP Fuel
“VP Small Engine Fuel is the most dependable small engine fuel on the market, saving you the inconvenience and expense of costly rebuilds while ensuring your equipment will start when it’s needed.”- VP Fuel


 Understanding the Gasoline Factor – What’s the deal with “Bad Gas?”

Chick here for the  story on gasoline you use in your lawnmower:  It works in your car but it is not good for your lawnmower.




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