Water disasters happen at all times of the year from summer time hurricanes to winter ice damns and to the spring time thaw. Not to mention that leaky faucet or if someone accidentally leaves the water on!  Be prepared for any threat of water into your home or job site with Honda water pumps or Stihl wet dry vacuum from All Outdoors Power Equipment!

Rhode Island Honda Water Pumps

Honda Water Pumps

From small electric pumps to larger gasoline powered pumps, Honda water pumps will move the water you need displaced. Gas pumps come in different sizes, from 1 inch to 3 inch.  Some models can move over 100 gallons per minute! We will help you choose the right pump for your task and are great for home owners & construction sites.

Rhode Island Stihl Homeowner Professional Wet Dry Vacuum

Stihl Wet Dry Vacuum

All Outdoors Power Equipment is proud to sell Stihl wet & dry vacuums to homeowners and professionals! These vacuums are amazing.  Did you know that a Stihl wet-dry vacuums will suck up the contents of a five gallon bucket in 6 seconds! Stop by our Wakefield, RI location to see them in action!